RonovanWrites Weekly #Haiku Prompt Challenge #15 Promise & Gift


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Welcome to Haiku prompt challenge . . .



(Remember, the Wordless Haiku Challenge with Pictures come out at Noon New York Time.)

I use Haiku in English myself so if you want a refresher on how to do that just click here. But you can use whatever Haiku style you want to. As long as you, do a Haiku.

For Tips and Guidelines refreshers click here.

This weeks two words to use in some form, meaning you can use another word that means the same thing are:


 Before you start!

I have links that will help you out. Remember for Haiku in English the total syllables are 5 for the first line, 7 for the second, and 5 for the last. I don’t really hold people to that for this but if you want to do it in the 5/7/5 manner, the traditional way, then try that. One link I have for you is . . . Simply type in the word and find out how many syllables it has. Also for synonyms and antonyms go to, I find it useful for finding a word to fit the meaning when syllables are not working out right.

The prompts!

Promise & Gift

These are all My words this week. How Dare sian have a life.

My Example

With a guarantee,

Hugh went to the Apple store,

To receive his gift.


 DEADLINE: Noon on Sunday New York Time.

(I hate doing deadlines, but it takes quite a while to complete the rewind.)

You may have noticed I am choosing some category standouts now. I have not run across a Haiku I don’t like yet. There are some that hit me in the moment and stand out.

Much respect


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RonovanWrites Weekly Wordless Haiku Challenge #15 Green & Red

Wordless Haiku ChallengeI first want to thank DazzlingWhimsy for creating this badge for the challenge.



The rules are simple: For how to write a Haiku in English and using the 5/7/5 syllable pattern click here.

No words or numbers of any kind can appear in the images you use. This includes sign language . . . of any kind.

You can use just pictures and not put them in the format I have them here. I was being creative. The point of this is to have fun.

Moon Shadow of a Woman Tango DancersHeartbeat Stumbling Sign Man Falling Men Going in a BuildingHands in Shape of Heart Two arms with infinity tattoos

This is an example of one I created.

The Haiku was:

Moon Shadow Dancers

Heartbeats Stumble, falling in

Love Infinity

I know, not the best but it was better then the first one I posted.

Here’s the challenge; You created your own wordless Haiku for Wednesday or any day really, then either post a link in the comments here for everyone that visits to go see and/or ping back (or copy the URL for this post into your Haiku post) to this post in your Haiku post.

I will read it and comment on it. Once I comment come get the badge.


If some of you would like a theme to prompt you what to begin thinking of you can perhaps use. . .

Green & Red

What do the words mean to you, and how can you connect the two words through that second line? You do not have to do the prompt, it is just a prompt to make you start thinking of things.


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RonovanWrites Weekly #Wordless #Haiku Rewind #14

Wordless Haiku ChallengeBadge provided by Dazzling Whimsy.


Click the site names to see the Wordless Haiku for each.

The prompts they participants COULD use if they wished to were Leaves & Summer. The prompts are only if you cannot come up with an idea.


Everyone, click and enjoy the work of the Beautiful Lady Georgia.

Georgia of Through The Eyes of Bastet : The photography  used and the imagination always blows me away.



Now for the talented Jen!!

Jen of Blog It or Lose It: Nice, used the words from the prompt and a very nice use of the photography to get the message across.




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RonovanWrites Weekly #Haiku Prompt Challenge Rewind #14

REWIND #14ronovan_writes_haiku_prompt_badge_autumn_2014

The prompt words were:

Take Your Potential,

To Unexpected Results,

The Shine is Tarnished.

Shine & Potential. Sian chose great words for the week’s challenge. Sorry guys, but #15 Prompts are all on me.  What people did were inspiring, thought provoking and in some cases nailed me on the head.

Some people don’t realize what you can do with three lines, the story you can tell, the message you can relay. Once they try it and see what they can do, the end up loving it. I encourage everyone to give the next one a try. Funny or serious, there is no wrong interpretation.

One thing I want to mention; Go and check out the Haiku for each person. Some of these poets have been here every week, and some have really stepped out of a comfort zone to find they have talent for Haiku and enjoy it.

My Picks This Week

Wendy Anne Darling with her Haiku: Glow

Colleen with her Haiku: Beauty Within

Elizabeth with her Haiku: Shine Shine Little One

Becca with her Haiku: Divine Love

K.S. Fause with her Haiku: Rise and Shine

Hugh with his Haiku: Past the Faces

Our New participants this week.

Let’s start the week off with our first time participants in order Haiku was submitted:

TakeshiS.J. Takeshi

Takeshi’s Flight

Haiku: Counter Ev’ry Gloom


A very good message and it was nice to see some of our regulars visit and not only comment but ‘like’ the Haiku. We hope Takeshi joins us with #15.

If you are not following this blog, I dare say you may be missing out on some potentially amazing things. Just click and find out all about him. IMPRESSIVE!


Reviews & Recommendations

Haiku: Posted on my fb page

A very nice addition to our Challenge.



Wendy Anne Darling

Haiku: Glow


I loved this Haiku. It made me think and reflect.





Faithful Homesteader

Haiku: Faith

Great message in how potential is guided.





Angie Does Until She Doesn’t

Haiku: Without Limits

As she said she “got fancy” this week. Love the image. Inspires me to the idea of starting a Greeting Card business.



Silver Threading

Haiku: Beauty Within


Reactions included ‘Wow’. This one was so just right and unique. Loved it.





Mad Meandering Me

Haiku 1: Hiding the Light…

I liked this one as it made me think of my early teaching days.





Tea & Paper

Haiku: Shine Shine Little One

Fabulous comments. Made me think of my son.



T.A. WyattTA

Finale to an Entrance

Haiku: A Life Too Ordinary


I really liked Elizabeth’s comment.



AC_ElliottA.C. Elliott

File Cabinet Ramblings

Haiku: Wasted Potential


A.C. connected and was thought provoking this week with his readers. What more can you ask? (I swear that face looks familiar? Wonder if he was ever a politician in N.J.)



Meredith and MarthaMeredithsMusings

Meredith’s Musings

Haiku: Grandchildren, Storms &Romance


The two Literary Angels came through again. Four 4 Us as always. Under the right circumstances I could fall in love with at least one of these two.  But shhh . . . don’t tell them. I meant the Haiku, yeah, the Haiku.

I’ll make note here of C.J. Black and his Haiku he put in comments on Meredith’s Haiku post.

Watch the blood moon shine
Those clouds on the horizon
Potential conflict.



Cyril Bussiere

Haiku: Fear and Ignorance


A very good use of the prompts that causes one to imagine a variety of interpretations.



Battered Wife Seeking Better Life

Haiku: Dare to Shine


Another good message Haiku.




Oh Dragonfly Wings with Buttercup Tea

Haiku: Divine Love


The name says it all.




Faith Unlockedfaithunlocked

Faith Unlocked

Haiku 1: Electric Potential

An unexpected Haiku at first, but then as I read it again, not so much unexpected after all.

Haiku 2: Light the World

Somewhat of a theme once one things about the two Haiku.



ksfauseK.S. Fause

K.S. Fause

Haiku: Rise and Shine


This one sparked some conversation and I have to say I had so many interpretations of it that I had a difficult time keeping quiet.



Florence TFlorence T

Rambling On

Haiku: My Lovely


Oh I so enjoy these. She has a humor that I don’t think is intended by I find humor anyway.



Mama Cormier

Haiku: The Ambiguous Weather Report


Kind of matched my weather.




Hugh’s View & News

Haiku: Past the Faces


Each time I read Hugh’s Haiku I get a different thought. It could be an offspring graduating into the big adult world. It could be someone forcing themselves to soldier on past the smiles of doubters and naysayers. Hugh has really made Haiku his own thing.





Haiku: Write here, Write now

I just love not only the playful way of the opening but the message as well. :)

Two more humorous Haiku from Elke

Haiku 2: Shiny Teapot

Haiku 3: Shiny Intruder



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3 Illegal Book Sites #Authors #IndieAuthors #AmWriting

Visit the above site from our friend Christ The Story Reading Ape about two Illegal Book Sites and add this one to it.

My Sunday Thought: Racing is a problem.

Racing is a problem.

I’m not certain if I’ve ever shared this story with you, but I’ll share it again anyway. Having a memory problem can be a problem. It can get you down at times not knowing things you should know. Then there is me. Yeah, you just know I’ll have some fun with this.

I had to go to the doctor for one of my visits to see how I was doing with everything. Well, they had changed locations and the hospital they were primarily affiliated with so that meant paperwork. As the paperwork was being filled out, the first line of defense came over. (The first line of defense is the lady at the counter who gives you the paperwork, answers the phones, and basically says you cannot talk to a doctor unless you are dead.)  First Life of Defense (FLoD) is not always the most cheerful or dare I say nicest.

So she comes up and I can’t help it.

“Can I put ‘I’ or ‘N’ for race?” I asked.

FLoD stares at me oddly. I must not look Indian or Nicaraguan. “Why ‘I’ or ‘N’?” Asked FloD.

“Well I prefer Indy car but I’ll put NASCAR if you insist.”

“Why don’t you just put ‘C’,” she said with a bit of a smirk.

Mistake. I looked around, leaned in and stage whispered for the whole office to hear. “But, I’m not Chinese.”

I know, I was bad. It isn’t my fault that the elderly man sitting near me decided to do the same thing when she came over to him.


As you might can tell my ‘racing’ problem is this, there are no ‘races’. You see as far as I am concerned I go with the Bible. One man plus one woman equals one human race. We might have set ourselves apart early on based on certain things like preferences of being a hunter or farmer.

As time went on people that were in a group started looking a certain way. But really going back to the Bible there aren’t really a lot of difficulties in how things came about. You have the Tower of Babel for one.

But I also look at things like Abraham when his children not by his wife were sent away to the various four winds basically. Each group that went out had the same physical characteristics in them so as time went on, guess what happened. You ended up with a people group looking a certain way.

Now we have the ‘whites’ and the ‘blacks’. I find this one interesting. As a fair skinned man can you guess where I would want to live? The hot places where I would burn in an hour or less, or the cooler less sunny places where I would be more comfortable and safer?

Scientists say I’m a mutant. I have red hair and blue eyes, that makes me a mutant, one of the rarest combinations on earth. They call those living in Europe with fair hair and skin and eye coloring mutations. I call it “Dude, that’s where we wanted to go.”

If there were not air conditioning do you think the divisions would be as prevalent as they once were?

Race in the Bible was never an issue to God. He only had issues with those that did not believe in Him. He didn’t want the Hebrews to marry with those who worshiped idols. Worship God and things were cool.

I’ve written this past week about racial discussions of late. I recognize there are physical characteristics used to divide people. That is a given that I do not deny. I do have a problem with ‘race’. I have a problem with the politicalization of ‘race’ to basically continue divisions for election purposes.

You know, if we ignored politics, some evolutionary scientists and some, I hate to say it, religious nuts we would all be a lot better off and start noticing our similarities as a human race and there would be less and less to notice that really isn’t different at all.


Much Respect


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How can I be allergic to healthy?

I write about some strange things at times.

You ever get sick and just wonder what the heck is going on? I mean, you eat right, you do everything the doctor tells you, and you even take your medications and vitamins and still . . . blah.

There is a food allergy in the house. Well a couple really or more now that I am thinking about it.  But imagine you are doing everything possible to be healthy and you start feeling not healthy. No, not shin splints. Although those are a bear. Ice down, then heat, ice down then heat. Yeah whatever. How do you stop shin splints? Don’t jog! Ha! No that’s not what this article is about.

MSG is a big, humongoso, major allergy in the house. I mean it is Epinephrine autoinjector major. For those of you not aware of what an Epinephrine autoinjector is, it’s one of those pens that you can give yourself an emergency shot with.

“Anaphylaxis is a severe, potentially life-threatening allergic reaction. It can occur within seconds or minutes of exposure to something you’re allergic to, such as a peanut or the venom from a bee sting.”

Allergen people should keep them with them at all times. It’s really an auto injector that you stab yourself in the thigh with. Then you head to the hospital. There is another common name for it, but it’s an actual brand name so you an click the link to find out what all they are.

I have to make pretty much everything homemade, when I am allowed to cook. No, I am not a bad cook. Fact is I am a great cook, I will admit it freely. It’s just that this past year has taken a toll and I tend to burn my hands because they work right any longer or I forget and do something silly.

Soy is another allergen in the house. It’s actually related to MSG because of being a sort of naturally occurring thing of sorts or like an imitator or MSG, but not quite as bad.

Now think of this; you are low in Vitamin D and you take a popular Multivitamin Suppliment. Guess what the Vitamin D’s raw material contains. Yes, highly refined soy. And guess what that company take a vitamin One A Day says about that refined soy. It is exempt from allergen labeling.

Imagine if the Vitamin had been taken and the allergen was as bad as it is to MSG? What can an allergen cause?

You know being allergic to something can make you sick or die, so I won’t go into that, but here is something you may not know.

Did you know an allergen can cause weight gain?

You eat right, are reasonably active, and you just can’t lose the pounds. You also just don’t feel great. Check your diet. Soy is in everything. I’m not saying it’s bad for everyone. In fact it is good for some people, but if you are allergic to it check everything you eat, or even if you are don’t know you are allergic to it and want to test out things, try cutting out things containing soy.

One thing they evilly put soy in to help thicken it and harden it is . . .  dun dun dun . . . chocolate. Look at your breads. Soy, soy, soy! It’s EVERYWHERE!

Am I soy bashing? No. I am bashing an industry that doesn’t want to put all of the ingredients on the labels. Did you know that some nuts are sprayed with an MSG formula BEFORE being sent to the nut companies? That’s right. The company may not even be aware of that. But it should. Especially in this day.

A bit of an odd post today, but that’s where the head is at. Food allergies can turn your world upside down. You even have to be careful of bagged salads because guess what they spray that with as a preservative?

Your favorite fast food place has MSG and Soy free food you can order. Then someone cross contaminates and you are in the hospital. Or they change the oil they use for something and you end up sick.

Okay, RonovanRants is over.

See Y’all Next Time,

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Is it a privilege too . . .

Is it a privilege too . . .

Straight Talk with Ronovan

I’m white.

You know for some that would be enough about an article with a title about ‘privilege’. But oh no. This is me after all. Have you ever seen me end a post after only five words? Not ever. So that’s how they came up with never. Some Southern person in Southern Britain said n’ever instead of not ever and there you have it.

It’s kind of like monback here in the States. We aren’t talking about some one humped backed man, nah, we’re telling people to come on back as in when they are backing up a car, “How much farther?” “Monback.”

I just proved my whiteness. Yes. If you ever doubted before, that just did it.

Am I about to tip toe through the garden of political correctness? Is PC land the ruler of Blog World? Do I pass by Taco Bell without salivating?

Ah, heck no!

I started this ‘privilege’ run on Obscured Dreamer where I help out. But here I am going to go another route. That’s right. I am taking a detour, the off ramp. I’m going through funky town, down electric avenue. Hey, it’s Friday and I have the 80s on the brain. And yeah, it’s randomness time too. And I am totally unedited right now.

You know why there is even a discussion about ‘white privilege’ in the U.S. of A. these days? I got two reasons for you. If I have more and it still says two here, that means I just got creative along the way and I didn’t make it back to change the number.

Okay, the reasons:

  • The Generational Responsibility-You see this is how I see it.

    And before I begin, remember I have some of my own unique ideas about things. Don’t judge my thoughts based on what you think I must be coming from. Word!

  • Okay back to  the GR thing-Before you think I mean that everyone in a generation is to be included in this . . . no. Stop, recognize and listen. You see what I am saying is that some people in a family teach the next generation there is either ‘privilege’ or perhaps ‘limitations’. Oh, yes. I went there. And guess what, people. It goes for every skin tone. “Oh, you can’t make it. Just don’t even try. You just follow up in the same way that I do. No one is going to give you a chance.” Say what? This is the U.S. of A., you got a chance if you make a chance. This country is so big that you can go anywhere and become anything. You are not tied down because of where you are from or who you are related to. oooooo I can hear it now. “Oh no he di’nt.” Oh yes I di’id. People in the U.S. of A. have a problem at times if you say they have a chance, especially if they have not ‘made it’ yet. In your face time-You ain’t makin’ it where you at, then move somewhere else. “Where am I going to get the money to go somewhere else?” Heck if I know. I just know people do it all the time. But you know one problem? People let themselves get so deep that they find it impossible to get out. Uh huh, I said it. We keep digging our hole and then we are so deep in it that we can’t climb out.
  • So another reason for the whole ‘white privilege’ discussion is dun dun dun politics-Yep, the politicos like to say the black problem or we need to work on black this or women’s that.Knock Knock, excuse me. Why don’t you just like freaking do stuff instead of talking about stuff and just generating even more divisions, huh? Seriously, dudes. Yeah, politics. You know the guys that live and die by divisions cause they can’t see their commonalities for their vocal differences.

“Ronovan’s on a rampage today. Watch out folks, please call 911 we think he hasn’t taken all of his medications or perhaps he’s taken too many.”

Nah, I’m good. As good as I get. Scary thought there, huh? But seriously, politicians like to make divisions because divide and concur. If they keep people apart then they keep people from realizing there are a lot more similarities than differences. If you are reading this and you have some type of skin tone issue, or a ‘we’re being held down’ issue, get the freak over it and help yourself and the next generation by getting your head straight.

“This educated white man is talking crazy”

This educated white man had to live with his grandmother in the projects behind the school in Mississippi. This educated white man used be taken to bars as a small child and put on pool tables to shoot pool as entertainment while his dreamer singer of a bio-father was on stage.

This educated white man was the first educated in his family . . . period. HELLO! Do you know why? Do you really want to know why? Because my mother and step father didn’t hold me to a generation thing. They wanted better for me, and you know what. Guess who paid for his own college education, at a major university? This educated white man. After busting his tail unloading trucks for several years and developing some of the physical problems that haunt him today.

Yeah, I’m straight talking today.  So if you have an issue with what I say, comment. I’m good with it. I like hearing other sides. It’s how we learn. But one thing to remember, these are my opinions.

Much Respect


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Q&A Luccia Gray All Hallows at Eyre Hall @LucciaGray


Our friend 





has an interview at LitWorldInterviews today. Go check it out and support her.

‘Like’ it. Not for the site purpose but to show her your support.

Author’s love their work, but Luccia takes it to a whole new level. You have to read the interview.


Originally posted on Lit World Interviews:

all_hallows_at_eyre_hall_cover.jpgAll Hallows at Eyre Hall

Luccia Gray

“All Hallows is believable and well-written, true to the “voice” of Brontë, and well-researched. In fact, at times I thought Charlotte Brontë was writing this; that is how fabulous a writer Luccia Gray is. This is not to say that she is a copy-cat writer. No, the author understands and “gets” the flavor, feel, and construction of Brontë’s work – an honor to a classic author, and thus, that is how sequels should be written. Bravo!

Luccia Gray is a beautifully descriptive writer. I sensed a need to don my wool cape when she wrote: “ . . . the horizon is grey, the air smells of damp weeds, and the wind is cold and furious . . .” I felt the almost imperceptible warmth on my face when “ . . . the sun . . . was suddenly visible, pale and…

View original 2,489 more words