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How to do a Ping Back.


WordPress has changed a few things on the tech side since I first wrote about doing Ping Backs 2 years ago. I’m also more serious in my approach to my Tip Blog Posts, so here’s an updated take on things.

What does a Ping Back mean?

For our purposes a Ping is when one website speaks to another website.

How does that conversation take place?

You take the URL from one Blog Post and place within the content of the Blog Post of the other website and make sure it is active/live/working.

What ways can you do a Ping Back?

  1. Make the actual URL active within the post.
  2. Place the URL within a word of a sentence of the content of the post.
  3. Place the URL within an Image of the post.

Ping Backs Image

Numbers 1 and 2 are done the same way.

  1. You highlight whatever it is that you want the reader to click on in order to go to the other post.
  2. You then click on the Insert/edit link Icon.
  3. You place the URL within the Paste URL or type to search field of the pop up box.
  4. You then click the blue box with the white arrow within it.
  5. You are done.

For an Image.

You click the image and then repeat steps 2-5 above.

Why do a Ping Back in the first place?

The Ping Back will appear in the comments of the Post of the other site, letting the owner as well as any other readers aware that you have participated or made some type of comment regarding the post. This will encourage Traffic to your blog.

I ask for people to do a Ping Back in the various challenges I host on my blog. Some blogs receive hundreds of extra visits each year because of doing Ping Backs.

There are URLs that won’t send a real Ping Back to the original Blog.

If you were to use the URL of my Blog’s Home Page or the Category Page of one of my challenges, the reader of your post would be able to click the link and visit me, but I would not receive a Ping Back. If you think about it, it makes sense. There isn’t a comments section on a Category Page nor a normal Home Page.

Much Respect


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RonovanWrites #Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt #Challenge #98 Rein&Quest

Haiku Poetry Prompt Writing Challenge Useful Links.

Click HERE for LINKS to last weeks Entries for Magic&Glimmer.

Thesaurus: Rein, Quest.
Haiku in English

Ronovan Writes Haiku Challenge Image.

The Challenge Words!


(In Remembrance of Prince.)

(REMINDER: Ping backs are working!)

Not sure how to write a Haiku? Click HERE for a quick How to write Haiku Poem in English Form with links to articles for other forms of Haiku.

*Use the 52 Week Photo Challenge hosted by some of our Haiku Challenge friends in unison with the above prompt words. This week’s photo prompt is Check, which works well with our prompt word of ‘Rein’. Click HERE to see the full 52 prompts. And yes, EXTRA can be used with the Haiku words, although I didn’t plan it that way this week.

The Guidelines are simple.

  1. Use the two prompt words in a Haiku. I use Haiku in English  as my style, which is 5 syllables for the first line, 7 for the second, and 5 for the third, but you can use what you like. The link above gives you more specifics of a Haiku and other forms of Haiku.
  2. Words have different definitions and you can use the definitions you like. You can even use a synonym word. Go to for Synonym help. I’ve also included the words at the top of the page.
  3. Copy and paste the URL link of your finished haiku post into a comment here on the challenge post. I then know you did one, and we can all go visit your site to see what you have done. You can also do a ping back. What’s a ping back? Put the URL link from the address bar of this post, if you like, within your post. Your inclusion of the link encourages others to try the challenges out, be creative, and join a community to find friends and more followers (hopefully). I honestly gain nothing by more people visiting the post. I don’t have ads running I get paid for by your visit.
  4. Use the Tag of Ronovan Writes Haiku Challenge. This will help me find you in case you forget to ping back or leave your URL in the comments.
  5. The Challenge currently BEGINS at 8 AM EST (New York City time) on Mondays. And a DEADLINE is Noon EST (New York City time) on the Sunday following the Challenge Post release.

Much Respect-Much Love


The action scenes in this novel are vivid and filled with sounds and images, and the plot is compelling and complex.” – 5 Star Review

Five Gold Stars

Readers' Favorite 5 Stars Book Review Image

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Book Review – Amber Wake: Gabriel Falling

Another 5 Star Review for Amber Wake: Gabriel Falling! Gotta love these surprise notifications.:)

A Whispered Wind

51VZTeQS5DL._SX312_BO1,204,203,200_Full Title:Amber Wake: Gabriel Falling (The Razor’s Adventures Pirate Tales)

Author(s):P.S. Bartlett & Ronovan Hester

Genre(s): Historical Fiction, High Adventure, Fantasy


Captain Gabriel Wallace of the Royal Navy finds himself tangled in a web of lies, deceit and betrayal. Following a mishap in a tavern involving the Admiral, his wife and her lover, Wallace is court-martialed. Along with his loyal crew, he steals his ship, and heads for the high seas. Although Wallace is now a pirate, he is still an honorable and fair Captain. With his mind set on vengeance, he sails to the Colonies and the Caribbean with the Royal Navy in pursuit.


Amber Wake: Gabriel Falling is ‘not-your-typical’ pirate story. And that’s a good thing for this reader who normally reads science fiction and thrillers. The authors did an excellent job maintaining the appropriate language for the early 18th Century. Historical events are…

View original post 96 more words

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FRIDAY FICTION with RONOVAN WRITES Prompt Challenge #26-Caught

For those of you not clicking the links in the weekly Fiction Challenge . . . you are missing out on some great short fiction. Some are even doing a series. Ritu is on her 16th installment and Joe, one of our new members, has just begun a series.

I’m not saying you need to write anything, but please click through and read and support these writers. You may be helping discover the next great book writer. Some this week are so good, and I’m not just saying that.


Click HERE for last weeks Entries for the Prompt-A First Time.

or Find Each Entry Below:

Ritu with Just Friends – Part 16

BiteSizeWriter with Highway Justice

R. Todd with Private Malone

Florence T. with Check Point

Joe Owens with A Sophie Marceau Mystery – Chapter Two

Ellen Best with I’ll Cover your Back, It’s All in a Day’s Work

Joelle with Hypocrisy

Useful links:
Click HERE for Dialogue Tags, Action Beats, and the Dialogue Comma.
Click HERE for What’s a GL and PSS got to do with writing.

Friday Fiction with Ronovan Writes Challenge


If you’ve been here before click Skip To Prompt.

Refresh yourself on the Content Guidelines


With decades of writing behind me and daily learning of how to be a better writer, and by daily, I do mean constant, I wanted to give a way for current friends and future finders of this blog a way to push themselves to improve as well.

Through this challenge my hopes are you will:

  1. Find your voice
  2. Step out of comfort zones to discover a genre where your talent truly lies
  3. Perhaps make connections that will help you become a better writer


23:59 EST (New York Time) Wednesday. I will then have Thursday to complete reading the entries and compiling the links and such. I do read all entries. You can ask any of my Haiku Challenge family/community members.


  • Keep it PG as all ages do follow the blog and may click through and read the entries. (Continue for exceptions.)
  • If you do write a piece of fiction that goes past the PG level, copy the link into the comments of this post and make a note of it being such and give the reasons you think it is, such as violence (See below for clarification.), sexual content, language/profanity.
  • No violence toward children by adults or predatory aspects toward children. I know you may have two kids have a fight. I get that, but I don’t want gratuitous violence such as glorifying bullying. Also I can see you having a kid kicking some bad guy in the face for some reason. I get it.
  • No sexual assault against anyone.

WHEN YOU HAVE COMPLETED YOUR WORK OF FICTION: (The below guidelines are less than they appear, I’m just thorough.)

Copy and paste your URL in the comments of the challenge post, or do a ping back to this post. This does not mean you must share a link today, Friday, just because the challenge says Friday in it. It means you must return to this post or ping back to this post.

A ping back is copying and pasting the URL of the challenge post into your post. That lets people know about the challenge, sort of, and is one way to let me know you’ve entered. Just make certain to visit back here to see your ping back is showing. Confused? Click HERE to see how to do a ping back.

If your blog is with WordPress, TAG your post as Friday Fiction with Ronovan Writes. This way people may find your work in the WP Reader.

IMPORTANT! For those wishing to participate in the possible FREE eBook Project for Fiction, click HERE for the Challenge Page with information at the bottom along with a form of agreement to fill out.


Prompt for Challenge

FIRST OF ALL: Please remember, this is NOT a race. Take your time. Friday is only a part of the title, not a deadline. SECONDLY, if the story is flowing, don’t let the word count stop you; keep writing. THIRDLY, if you are an ACTIVE challenge participant and you just aren’t feeling the prompt, write something and ping back or paste your link. I’ll still include it in the #Links post the following Friday.

  • Word Count is off! Let’s focus on the theme of the thing. Not many actually stick to the word count anyway. (SUGGESTED-No more than 500 if you want to try that.)
  • Using the prompt of Caught, WRITE. A surprise can be anything. Surprise me with yours. (REQUIRED)

For proofreading of your work you might check out They have a free option to download for Word or that will even work right here in the WordPress Post Editor. It also works in the comments of sites. An additional feature is you can turn Grammarly off and own for each site you visit.

I LOVED it! It was a perfect segue from nonfiction to fiction.” – Review

Five Gold StarsAmber Wake: Gabriel Falling on Amazon

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VOTE NOW! Annual Bloggers Bash Awards NOW OPEN

Voting is open. Vote for our blog for Best overall blog for 2016! It’s the bottom category. I see RonovanWrites as more a blog for all of us. I’ve had times where I’ve wanted to give up blogging, but the Haiku Challenge and Fiction Challenge hosting has kept me coming back and kept me active in life. That’s why I say vote for our blog, because there would be no RonovanWrites without all of you.

Or vote for someone else you think deserves it more. As long as you vote, you’re voting for someone to keep living and surviving.

Much Respect

(LitWorldInterviews is up for best book review blog and is titled Ronovan et al.)

Sacha Black

VOTE NOWThis is it. The waiting is finally over.

The Bloggers Bash Awards are now open for voting.

We had a HUGE number of nominations, over 350, so thank you to everyone who took the time to nominate.

Voting Closes June 9th at 12pm. The winners will be announced on June 11th at the Bash. If you can’t make it then a winners post will go live at 5:15pm on June 11th.

Choose carefully, you can only vote ONCE per category. There are 10 awards, (so it’s a long post) make sure you vote in them all.

Good luck to all the nominees.

Disclaimer: The committee has done their best to coordinate the nominations and to ensure, where possible, we gave nominees a choice of which category they wanted to be in. Due to time constraints and limited resources this may not have always been possible.

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