RonovanWrites Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt Challenge #38 ill&rest

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Challenge 38

Welcome to the Haikuverse.

Want to know How to write a Haiku Poem in English Form? Click here for the article.

Read ahead at your own risk! This post created during feverish illness. The words used may not be my own. Some may be those of Hugh Roberts or Robert Hughes, his Bizarro.

Welcome everyone to the Weekly Haiku Prompt Challenge. You may have found your way here through The Daily Post pages, the WordPress Reader, Twitter, Google+, or however you found us, we’re glad you came. I’m not just saying that. After you have been with us for a time you will realize we aren’t just a place to share a three line poem. We are a community of friends here. That doesn’t mean you have to talk to us. Just visit the various Haiku and click Like if you actually like something.

I created this challenge to have a place for people to share and gain a little exposure to other readers they might not have otherwise. We all have different people who visit our blogs.

Provide your Twitter Handle if you have one. I usually can get it from sharing your Haiku through your Twitter sharing button. If you have a Twitter and don’t  have it linked to your account don’t worry you can still have the share option work with the handle. Click here to find out how to have your Twitter Handle show up in your share option. You know. I have a how-to article for just about everything. If not? Ask and I’ll write one. Also it is helpful if you have Google+ to follow me there by clicking here so I can include you on the Weekly Review when I post it there.

 Ill & Rest

No need to guess the inspiration for the words this week.

My Example

You and your ill words

The reason for so much war,

Give your mouth a rest.

You and your ill words, the reason for so much war.

The reason for so much war, give your mouth a rest.

But Haiku traditionally deals with nature in some way. Perhaps the above could be seen as the nature of a person. But let me see if I can do something with the words I came up with for nature itself.

The wind does blow ill,

A sense of dread across fields

At rest slowly fades.

The wind does blow ill a sense of dread across fields.

A sense of dread across fields at rest, slowly fades.

So you’ve written the  Haiku and you’ve created the post. Now what?

  1. You can put a the link of this post in your post and it should, I say should, do a ping back to this post and I and others should see it.
  2. I recommend as well for you to copy the link of your post once it has been published in the comments of this post. That’s a guarantee for it to be seen and I will be certain to include it in the Weekly Review.
  3. Visit other people’s Haiku.
  4. The deadline is Sunday by Noon EST. That’s New York City time.
  5. Shortly after Noon EST the Weekly Review with the names of each blogger, their site names, the name of their Haiku and a link to that Haiku will be published, along with my thoughts, and the Twitter Handle of each person.
  6. The Weekly Review is then Tweeted. The ‘Choices’ are tweeted with the first Tweet. I then continue to tweet the post until every person’s twitter handle has been mentioned.
  7. I also Post the Weekly Review on Google+ with the Twitter Handles and if I am your friend on Google+ I include you there as well.

What’s a Ping Back?

A ping back is when you place the URL from the address bar of this post into the post you write your Haiku on. It will look something like this,

You also have to make certain the link is actually in there by clicking on the add link button which is next to the right alignment button for WordPress. To me the add link button kind of looks like a diagonal paper clip. It’s the fifth from the right in the WordPress post editor. Click here to find out how.

For a full refresher or How to write Haiku in English click here. But you can use whatever Haiku style you want to. As long as you, do a Haiku.

For Tips and Guidelines refreshers click here.

 DEADLINE: Noon on Sunday New York Time.


There are TWO “CHOICE!” recipients each week. One for Humor and one for something more Serious. The Haiku are quite good each week and I am having to turn to the structure guidelines of a Haiku at times to help determine my selection.

Really each Haiku is a choice of mine, and I’m not just saying that, so I feel a bit odd even having something called A RONOVAN’S CHOICE, but hey, it’s a thing, right? And it does make it kind of fun.

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RonovanWrites Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt Challenge 37 Review

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Be aware all links on this page will open in a new window. Links are in blue and usually underlined. I think they look cleaner and nicer this way rather than having a URL showing on the page. All images and links if clicked on will show up in a new Tab or Window.

Doing this review while highly medicated and very ill. Ever notice you each of my Reviews lately need a warning label on them?

No, I am not better or fully returned. But this Review is to come out each Monday so here it is.


36 Poets this week. With 6 New Poets Joining in.

Very sad to see some were absent this week. Hope all is well.

New This Week

edwinaEdwina of Edwina’s Episodes: “I love words.. there is so much we can do with them; make them rhyme, inspire people with them, make them laugh or cry; communicate with people on so many levels…

I enjoy reflecting on different situations I have found myself in, or have observed,  and writing about them. I also like writing about random silly things, or anything that I find amusing really.”~From her About page. I might begin to refer to her as Mad Aunty Edwina in my mind. You’ll need to read all of her About page to know why. The Haiku: Bad Date. Um, it sounds like she either had a date who wanted a breath mint or a kiss. I’m not certain which.

sachaSacha Black of Sacha Black: “Writer, mother, wife, for a while I forgot my dream… But now I’ve remembered and I’m chasing harder than ever.”~From her About page. The Haiku: Good boy. This is part of a list of challenges she provided for her readers to participate in if they wanted to. You get to read her entry in others while finding the one for mine. The title is what I chose.

rituRitu of But I Smile Anyway…: “A lil bit of creativity, stories about my family, recipes, Spidey, and my cat, Sonu Singh, all feature regularly!”~From her About page. The Haiku: Bad boy. Yeah, I know, what you are thinking if you read the previous entry but it fits.

MsToyWhispererMs. Toy Whisperer of Ms. Toy Whisperer: “I am a writer who sells vintage books and toys. I write about the whimsy of life, family, thrifting, everything and nothing and whispers of the Holy Spirit.” The Haiku: Basketball. Loved the way she described how this one came to her. Excellent.

marjorieMarjorie of Kyrosmagica: Find a comfy chair, sit back and enjoy my blog, about magic, books, crystals, writing, laughter, and much more! I’m a debut writer in the process of finishing my first YA fantasy novel, set in Cambridge, UK.  I write book reviews here, and on Net Galley and Goodreads, using my Books, Crystals, Magic system, and my dark candles rating for darker reads.”~From her About page. Much more there. The Haiku: upROAR! Yes, I know. It looks like I typed it wrong, but I typed it as I liked it. So there. And yes, I stuck my tongue out as I typed that.

evolving-ruminationsEvolving Ruminations: “Opinions- everyone has them … and with the new age of internet everyone’s superman !​​​​​​! As a result, I’ve decided to make some of my own waffles. ​​​​​​​​​​​I don’t know whether​​​​​ this fence-straddling is of any use but hey, yo-yoing is fun !!!”~From Gravatar. Yeah, we going to have fun with this new member. The Haiku: Woman. Yeah, very true, very. Got a point or two there.


First to Enter this Week:

Sandra of Wild Daffodil:  Crisp. After the past week or so I thought about banning this one from the Review but I couldn’t. It’s not the fault of the lettuce but of man for what they do to lettuce. Leave the foods as God gave them to us.

Mira of They, You And Me and To Wear and Rainbow blogs:  Memories. What I like to think of as a futuristic Haiku in its message.  @BediMona

Rachael Ritchey of Writing Rachael Ritchey: Lies Very well done. Two sentences. Very good story. Seriously a good one. I think all will enjoy. Read it a couple of times as two sentences and it gets better each time. Remember to check out her book The Beauty Thief is available on Amazon with great reviews.  

Elizabeth of Tea & Paper: Lovers.  I like this one for the possibility of two endings depending on your thoughts. @TeandPaper

ladyleemanilla: Two Soccer/Football Haiku this week and all I can call these are OH NO!. Very funny and well done. MUST READS.

Sue Vincent from Daily Echo: Summer. Okay, this is a very well put together Haiku. Two sentences and rhymes. At first I thought perhaps one sentence, but no, two. Very well done. And very nice. Sue is one of our resident Authors. Click here  for her Amazon Author Page and all those books she’s written.  @SCVincent

Rajani Radhakrishnan of THOTPURGE: Upside down Sky. A MUST READ. This could be romance, lost love, conflict, pretty much any type of conflict or something completely different. Very nice.

Carol of Mama Comier: Marigolds. This one began a memory lane and a discussion. I quite enjoyed both. @carol_cormier

Greg of Potholes in the Road of Life: Aging is sweet for Wine only. My title for the Haiku. Greg went ferrizzle on the Haikuzzle this week. Two sentences with opposing views. Great job. @greg_wolford 

Khor Hui Min of Project Prose:  Delish I know, a strange now, and slightly related to the Haiku itself, but then you MUST see the images. I am blown away how people are able to do that. I so would love it. @MinKhor

Meredith of Meredith’s Musings Sweet Promise and Spring Practice. Very good with two sentences. Two things she obviously loves a lot. @Meredithlbl

Ruth of Mad Meandering Me: Season’s Greetings…  Someone is tired of winter. I also like the take on the use of the season’s greetings title. Cool.

Martha of Meredith’s Musings Politicos and Wolf. At first I thought the titles were somewhat redundant but I kept reading anyway. I had to read the Politicos twice simply due to how the punctuation went to catch the two sentences, but that second sentence she formed is awesome. A very good statement regarding how many feel about the political system in the US at this time. @Meredithlbl (For those new to the challenge, Meredith and Martha are sisters sharing the same blog and twitter at the moment. If you ever see me refer to the literary angels or poetic angels these are the two ladies I am referring to.)

Nato of Chasing Life and Finding Dreams - Your Foul Soul Shines Through. Although I believe the two sentences are supposed to be along the same thought I see them as being opposites as well. Well done. Outing me again. Sometimes it doesn’t do one any good to be a secret admirer when she outs you every step of the way. At least Meredith really keeps it on the DownLow. And don’t forget that Michelle also has something else other than great writing talent going for her. Visit Michelle Lunato Photography. @MichelleLunato

Prakash of It’s PH:   Circumstance. Odd name, I know, but I think the Haiku to me makes me think of how people are at times, during circumstances. Not certain of the inspiration for the Haiku this week but a very good thinky piece. Enjoyed it. Yes, I can enjoy even highly medicated and not really certain what I’m talking about. @itsPhTweet

E. Rawls of E. Rawls: Author creating stories and art: Danger Lurks Enjoyed it as did others from the challenge family. Some great responses. I think the best would be to her book page on her weebly site, 

SW ysobel of Spunky WayfarerSometimes you just don’t have a name for a Haiku. Very interesting Haiku and I like the reasoning behind it. It gives me ideas. I like ideas. @SpunkyWayfarer

Felicity of The Dark Night Chronicles: Springtime. I had never heard of what she mentioned here but I went to google and there you have it. I love learning through this challenge. Felicity is also one of our Authors. You can get her book Erotic Passages at Amazon by clicking here.

Alka Girdhar of Magnanimous WordFoul becomes sweet. Learned something again. Very cool. Although I am not certain if her comment in the challenge meant she was leaving the challenge after this or not. Very sad if she does. @girally

Florence of Rambling On Blog: Vampire. At first I thought Florence is a player but then I read the link and was like thank goodness. @FTThum

Melissa of The Aran ArtisanCrisp. I like the way she does things. The combining of her challenges and the explanation of things. Think there is an author in there waiting to come out but she is ignoring it. @thearanartisan

Marigold of Versus Blurb: Tragedy. I had no idea there was a green tea flavored one. I am not sure I wanted to know. But I learned and as always I like that. But green tea? Really? Go purchase Marigold Deidre Dicer’s book The Black Swan Inheritance from Smashwords, Kobo, Barnes and Noble or the iBooks store or purchase it from Amazon on Kindle by clicking here. @MarigoldDicer

Colleen of Silver Threading: A Tainted Kiss. I wonder if this about Ron? Hmm. I will have to ask her. @ColleenChesebro  Also remember to drop by the LWI site and read Colleen’s Book Reviews. She is excellent. Click here to see everything she’s written.

Melissa M of This, right now: Spritz. Interesting. I like how she used the title. Amusing for sure. Great imagery. The second time I read it I really could see it. And I love her choice of image as well.

Hugh of Hugh’s Views & News: Flight of Delight. Two sentences. Opposite meanings. Liked the image. @RobertHughes05

Serins of Serins Sphere: The Smell of Sweetness. Interesting use of words this week. I don’t mean the prompts I mean words in general. Go see. @SerinsSphere

Lou Lou of Battered Wife Seeking Better Life: Sweet Dreams. She wasn’t feeling the words but when the deadline approached she had a story to tell in two Haiku. Must Read. Very well done. @BWseekingBL

Claudette of to search and to find happiness in every day: Balance. Wishful thinking I do believe, and I agree about what she said about Hugh in her comments. 

Patty of Strawberries Forever: Two this week. Sweet and Sour I get the feeling men are dogs after this review this week. Anyone agree? I mean I agree, and I even thought it before but was just mentioning it. @pattythepa

Faith Unlocked: So Foul and Fair. Based on one of my favorite and most used verses here in the blogs. Very good message for every one. Something we all should live by.  @FaithUnlocked



Rajani Radhakrishnan of THOTPURGE: Upside down Sky. A MUST READ. This could be romance, lost love, conflict, pretty much any type of conflict or something completely different. Very nice.




ronovan writes humor haiku badge

ladyleemanilla: Two Soccer/Football Haiku this week and all I can call these are OH NO!.



And the Closing Haiku:

The Sweet Sixteen dream,

Raging throughout all the land,

Was the bad foul called.

 Inspiration for the Challenge Words.

March Madness in the United States is the tournament for the National Championship for the College basketball teams here. The Sweet Sixteen is one of the goals to reach. So sweet came from that and foul came from a penalty called on a player.

I’ll go curl up in a ball now and quietly read Haiku in my dreams.

See y’all later,


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My absence and immediate future.

Wanted to thank the few that noticed I as MIA the last few days. It was much appreciated. I have order to the Emergency Room by doctor after some tests were done for some fluids an antibiotics and ended up there for three days.

Turned out to be worse than anyone thought. Still almost as sick but on medications and the like for now.

Blogging will be light for the time being.

Again, much appreciation to those who sent messages of concern about my health. You know who you are.



Nonsense and Such: The Animal Minded or None-A Poem? (Throwback Thursday)

Lost Man in Chair

Nonsense and Such: The Animal Minded or None

by: Ronovan

I never saw the flight of a turtle dove

Its shell must weigh so much

But when the howler monkey screeches

Why does he choose to say it such


And how much tross could an abla tross

If an abla could tross tross

The truth of the matter is so simple

You determine it by a coin toss


Where does the rilla go

When he must be somewhere

Wherever it must be

He will go in his suit of hair


What does the snake wear with its rattle

When it attends a formal function

Whatever it is it must be secure

Lest there be a wardrobe malfunction


And how will the old coot bandi about

When the season does change

Most likely find another place

But still in down under range


Some may wonder what has happened

To the mind of this odd man

I will explain to you someday

When I can catch it with my hand


© Copyright-All rights, 2014.

Sighing Blooms (Throwback Thursday-My very first Haiku Ever)

Ron Overlook 2

The broken heart sighs

The wind aids vanquishing time

Growing the flower bloom

Unbearable? I’m Positive.

Drawing of Mark Twain with Quote“Drag your thoughts away from your troubles… by the ears, by the heels, or any other way you can manage it.”~Mark Twain


“Dwelling is a house you live in, not a situation to waste your life on.”~Ronovan


I had great plans for writing today. I ended up with something else. Great or not is not for me to decide. I write, you read. Opinions are made. Words are put down in either situation, planned or not, the results may end up the same. I personally am okay with whatever happens.

A day meant for creating a biography of my inspiration for wanting to become a teacher, Sidney Poitier in the movie To Sir with Love, along with quotes from his autobiography lying next to my notebook and me, turned into a day of pain that many would call unbearable. I can laugh at that phrase.

People say they went through unbearable this or that. I like to ask, “If it was so unbearable, why am I am speaking to you standing up, instead of speaking over you lying down?”

My sadistic joy comes from the looks of puzzlement. Looking to the quotes I put forth at the beginning today, and my presence here in writing this article, what my opinion is on the unbearable pain I have gone through over the past few days, and specifically the past 24 hours should be apparent.

My Fibromyalgia is an ugly animal. It is one I have come to know and respect. Never become too comfortable with an animal, even a pet. Once you do, something will happen. A new trait comes out. Or maybe something totally unrelated. Hopefully to find out soon.

What have I done today?

  • I cannibalized the first few chapters of my book to create a new beginning.
  • Had a great surprise with one of my articles being selected for the
  • Dr. KO and I had an exchange in comments on a post that was enjoyable.
  • I have an author interview agreement with a very nice lady.
  • And every other moment I slept.

Why sleep? Sleep don’t hurt. But also, I need sleep. What I did today was make progress in many areas and rested as much as I could. Rest isn’t something I don’t normally do. Even while succumbing to Chronic Fatigue it isn’t rest I am getting.

Even now while writing this article I have stopped several times due to the pain. I rarely ever stop because of pain. An article that should have taken me 15 minutes has so far taken me over two hours.

I’ve enjoyed it. Thinking is a great pastime for me. I love to get thinky, as I like to call it. This past year and half has allowed for some great thinky times. Every day I have a thinky moment. At least one. Usually more. That’s one reason I blog. I like to use those thinky times as inspiration for articles. Be grateful I don’t put all those moments on the blog.

I mentioned earlier that I was happy with whatever the results of the article might be today. Why? I wrote. That’s why. Did I write well? Not really, but I wrote. And that is a positive day to me.

Remember to connect with me at one of the following. Well, at least one.

Image of Ronovan Writes





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Get Positive: Sorting Your Junk – by Ronovan Writes


Hey all, go check out an article of mine chosen for the Kindness Blog. I am so happy. :)


Originally posted on Kindness Blog:

positivityPeople comment often wondering how I stay positive, how I keep doing all I do in the face of what I live with. How can I stay positive through the life I have been given?

Practice. I know that sounds a little odd but as with anything in your life practice needs to happen. I didn’t just wake up and say, I’m good. Okay, perhaps I did, but then I had to do something about it and by ‘I’m good’ I mean I was not lettingmy health issuescontrol every aspect of my life.

Deciding to change does have an instant effect. Your view of things does change. You actually begin to see MORE of the negative things of the world. But you have to learn what to do about that view and that’s where the practice comes in.

You will change but those around you may still be…

View original 496 more words

Wasted (A Poem)

Here I am
Sittin’ again
Lookin’ back on where I’ve

Wasted Mmmm
I’m Wasted
Without you
Without you

Soft pink lips
Dark smoke eyes
Callin’ my name
‘Cross turquoise skies

Southwest winds
Shoutin’ come on friend
I don’t know where you’ve

Wasted Mmmm
I’m Wasted
Without you
Without you

Takin’ a trip
Through a desperate mind
Seems so close
But like ten thousand miles

Tastin’ your heaven
Your velvet peach skin
Never had it once
Can’t wait for it again

Wasted Mmmm
I’m Wasted
Without you
Without you


A poem I found that I apparently wrote last week. Was on my computer with a date of last Tuesday. You guys know me, I forget things, but thought I would share it. Not sure about it though.

Image of Ronovan Writes





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#BeWoW Blogshare for Wednesday Mar. 25. Are you Ready to be Positive?

#BeWoW blogshare is Wednesday!

You want a THEME or IDEA for a post? Tell a story about a person that has Inspired you. Reality, TV, Literature, or whatever, tell us about them and not just how they Inspired you, but an almost tribute to them. Even pick a song that you would identify with them if you like.

#BeWoW stands for Be Wonderful on Wednesday. #BeWow is one word. But really you don’t have to wait for Wednesdays. The idea is to post something about Wonderful on Wednesdays, though. There is also the #BeWATT which is for Be Wonderfull All The Time. You can use that any time and I will RT it when I see it and maybe others will as well. I’ll put out another post about #BeWATT soon, but this post is for #BeWoW.

It could be:

  • a  wonderful experience you had last week
  • a wonderful memory that came to you
  • something inspirational or motivational
  • maybe something encouraging
  • just something that brings a feeling of wonderful to you that you want to shareronovan writes

This is an EVERY WEEK THING so by reading this once all the way through, you’ve got it and only need to refer to it each week if you need to. But read it through at least once. If something changes. I’ll put out a special post about it.


Write  a post and share it on Twitter with the #BeWoW and I and others will RT it. If you want to make sure I RT it also include @RonovanWrites when you share it.

This Explained in More Detail with My Post as an Option.

Each Wednesday a post will show up here on RonovanWrites about something Wonderful for me or maybe a #BeWoW Guest Blogger will show up. Post a link to your Wonderful post in the comments to share with everyone. That’s one way it works. Simple as that. Then there is the Twitter way.

Write a post and Tweet it with the hashtag of #BeWoW and to be 100% positive it does get ReTweeted by me you CAN add @RonovanWrites to your Tweet and I’ll RT it. Okay, I’ll RT it when I wake up. :) And other bloggers will be RTing as well when they see it.

Make sure it’s a post that is positive, encouraging, uplifting. I think you get the message here. This is not for just a post you want to share. It MUST have the #BeWoW message of Positivity.

So what do you do?

  1. Create a post or choose one you have that meets the encouraging/positive/wonderful definition.
  2. Share that link from your blog  in MY Wednesday #BeWoW post I put out after midnight Wednesday EST. That way others that drop by here can go check you out if they like. It’s not a requirement, just a way for others to see your post.
  3. When you share your post on Twitter use the hashtag #BeWoW, all one word, which I have registered and am the administrator of, on Wednesdays. We can all ReTweet what we see and like.
  4. You can include my twitter handle of @RonovanWrites in your Tweet and I will RT everything I see that is positive. Please don’t use this for anything but positive things.
  5. Probably Tweeting is the big part of this for some of you. You don’t HAVE to come to my post and comment, but if you would like to and get some people that don’t do Twitter, then go for it.
  6. If you don’t have Twitter, the original idea for this was for sharing amongst Blog World so drop in here and share.
  7. You can also go to our facebook page Be Wonderful on Wednesday where you can put a link to a post. A link to on that page will be Tweeted through my Twitter Handle @RonovanWrites. One thing to remember is when you post a link on the page if you include a hashtag, that hasthtag will carry over to Twitter. This is a great way to have your friends see posts that don’t have Twitter or don’t really visit blogs. Invite them to like the page.
  8. If you just can’t wait until Wednesday? Post and share later and just make sure to Tweet with the hashtag #BeWow and my handle if you remember and the RT will begin.

ronovan writes copyrightThis is the badge you can use if you like to put in your post and/or your sidebar. My side bar I found that 210×210 pixels is as large as it goes and shows everything. Why is there a copyright in the picture? My son “B” and I took the picture. He blew the Bubbles while I was on the ground looking up at the sky. He loved popping them and splashing me with the water. Hey, I thought it was a good idea at the time. At least he laughed. And that’s why I chose it as the Wonderful image.

#BeWoW began as a simple Positivity post on a Wednesday. I wanted to do something that kept me focused on being just that, Positive. Things were suggested and here we are. A registered Hashtag, an official Twitter Handle   There is actually a blog for it, but only as a way of holding the name for when this becomes huge.  There is a facebook page, Be Wonderful on Wednesday where you can put a link to a post. A link to on that page will be Tweeted through my Twitter Handle @RonovanWrites. One thing to remember is when you post a link on the page if you include a hashtag, that hasthtag will carry over to Twitter. Invite your friends to like the page and they can see the links to the posts without Twitter.

I do hope you join in and #BeWoW every day.

And if you do like the idea, please feel free to share this post by reblogging, tweeting or sharing it wherever your blogging friends might see it.

Much Love


Ronovan Writes







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