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Encouragement as a Norm not an Exception.

Yesterday I spoke about The Importance of Being You. Thoughts were expressed and it’s a good topic, thus I thought to give it more space today.

There are many situations where people are afraid to be. Some are obvious and I will go ahead and mention them. There are homosexuals in less than accepting communities. There are ethnics in white communities that are not accepting. There are people of religions who are frightened in non accepting communities.

I think all of those are self explanatory. Even I, a white male  Christian can be concerned in certain situations. Surprising to some. I know there are probably a great many people that think I should never be concerned about being me. Yet here I sit. A long story I shall not go in to at this time. I have done so on my Christian site.

What other people might be afraid in situations to be who they are?

  • Intelligent people
  • Intellectually challenged people
  • Wealthy people
  • Poor people
  • Physically attractive people
  • Less than physically attractive people
  • Every ‘race’ of people
  • Every color of people
  • Males and Females
  • Every age
  • Political opinions
  • Thin people
  • Overweight people

And a whole lot more.

Seems a bit odd when you look at some of those and wonder how in the world they could be afraid to be them. But it happens.

What do I mean by afraid?

  • Outcast
  • Disowned by family and friends
  • Loss of job
  • Loss of life
  • Humiliation
  • Bodily harm

And more.

What people don’t understand is we cause those concerns by our actions. Even if we aren’t aware of what we do, we may still be inadvertently suppressing someone extraordinary.

I’ve mentioned before about how we should make a habit out of doing things to bring positivity to our lives. Get Positive: Sorting Your Junk talked about the sorting everything into files/folders. In Being Positive to See the Positive I talked about just that, recognizing the positive things around you by knowing what positivity is. How do you know what it is unless you are practicing it yourself?

Learning and habits are things that come in to play when we talk about fear and suppression. As anyone who has read my articles for any length of time will know, my faith guides a lot of how I do. Yes, I said how I do.

One thing I do is just go with it. You be you, and I’ll be me. As long as neither of us are doing harm to one another or to society then we’re good.

But one thing my faith leads me to do is constantly learn and be aware of others. Not every Christian takes that from the Bible but I do. You have all flavors of every faith. Makes for interesting conversations. And some whacked out ones too. Had to go ahead and say it.

I had to learn to be a Christian and am constantly learning more every time I open the Bible. You never stop learning.  When you are accustomed to constant learning and the acquiring of habits like prayer every morning and Bible study every morning and evening, your mind begins to work in habit forms.

I have a habit of encouraging others. I listen. I advise. I coax people out of their shells. I turn people into writers and bloggers. Why? Because I want people to have a chance to be something great and to share their world so others can benefit from them and what they have experienced and learned.

There are people all around us with amazing gifts that are being held back because of oppressive parents, abusive spouses, and I mean both genders, teachers who aren’t encouraging, a community that isn’t accepting, a government that promotes anti whatever a person may be.

We need to stop being negative norms and become positive norms. Look at the world today and just think if each person were encouraged to use their gifts and talents in a positive way, what would the world be like?

But you know what? If you don’t want to be encouraged by me, that’s okay too. I try, you say no, then we’re good. That’s a part of positivity, not forcing on to others.

I encourage. I encourage positivity. It’s my habit. Won’t you make it yours as well?

Share this article today with someone who needs to know it’s okay to be who they are. Show them you want to encourage them.







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Guest Haiku by @SarahBrentyn

He blog Title is

Lemon Shark

Navigating the Uncharted Waters of Parenting & Life


Raging winter beast

Brings relentless nor’easters

Another snow day



Not a Morning Person

Early in the day

I am the snarling beast who

Searchers for coffee




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The Importance of Being You.

We are all different. A bit of an obvious statement but in parts of the world being different isn’t accepted, expected, or tolerated in the slightest. If we were all meant to be the same it would be a very boring and no-point-in-free-will world. improtance-being-you

Each of us is meant to give something to the world as a whole. No, that doesn’t mean I am going to go and invent something that will save the universe from the attack of the space amoebas. (Do I get nerd points for spelling that right the first time?)

However, I may be the person that influences the person that does invent that something. We look at ourselves at times and since we are different from the norm we sometimes turn ourselves into the ultimate anti-norm we can, feeling that is what we are supposed to be. It is our badge of honor somehow. It pushes us away from society and love and friends and happiness. Perhaps being alone is your happiness, perhaps it’s your norm. But I don’t think complete and total alone-ness is anyone’s norm.

Yes, society is part of the problem of our lack of acceptance of who we are. You may be a lover of punk rock with Goth influences and love watching Harry Potter while eating cotton candy. And you read Fifty Shades to discover how not to write a book for quality but for sensationalist salesmanship of secret desires you would like to explore but are ashamed to admit. If you admit all of that, people will look at you strangely and that look influences you without you even realizing at times.

But there is something you are missing. You are important as you. If you like to wear Polo shirts and khaki pants plus do all those things above then do it. Why, because that’s you. You are your norm. The only norm in the universe is what people are meant to be. Not what a society expects people to be.

The importance of being you is that you are meant to influence something in this world for something good. This isn’t to say you are to intentionally go about seeking out what that is. Just. Be. You. As a teacher I know of what I speak. There may be something I said that made an impact in a student’s life that then brought about something in them that then led to something in another and so on.

The power of positivity in life is an expanding phenomenon. It’s a building block on top of another and another and another leading to something. One harsh word, one sarcastic barb, one insensitive comment at the wrong time and you, yes you, may push a person over a line. What is that line? Perhaps it is not going to college, not getting a job, committing suicide . . . not asking for help . . . not asking for help again.

Whatever you are, that’s the line you should take without embarrassment or shame or feeling awkward. The ultimate expression of love—to me—would be to be you and not an imitator or fake. Truth is love. Therefore, you being who you are is love and that is so important in this world. Once you realize it’s okay to be you, it’s the norm to be you, then you recognize and accept it’s okay and the norm for other people to be themselves is okay as well.

The norm is in each form.

 For my first post in my BeWoW series click Get Positive: Sorting Your Junk.

I thought I would add a little mention after a reader thought of the above article. Do not think that if your norm is to be a murderer or child molester is something that would be considered positive on the world. The I idea someone might consider those lines of behavior as norms of positivity that I would think of never occurred to me and thus never entered the original article above.

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What happens in 5 Days?

What happens in

5 Days?


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Learn about her book and about being Positive. Helen Woo.

Being positive is something that’s contagious. One lady that is always positive is Annette Rochelle Aben, author and Radio Show personality. You might know Annette as being one of  the Global Voices of Social Media: 25 Women Share Stories of Strength, Love and Triumph currently ranked #5 on the Best Seller list but reached #1 in less than a day on Amazon. I bought it and reviewed in on Amazon already. Positivity is all through the book. I met Annette through various ways and was interviewed on one of her radio programs. Yes, one of them. She has two different shows. Actually three.

On Tuesday, February 3 I received my email notice that in 5 minutes her show was coming on and of course I logged in.

helen-wooHer guest was Helen Woo.




Talk about something that just made it all happen. Helen discussed her book Self-Aid: Inspiration to Turn Struggles Into Success. It’s all about the positive. A lot of what she said is exactly what I have been saying here the past few weeks. Of course she has a lot more to say. Check our her site, her book, and everything else she has to offer. Go to her link above and read about her. She’s got a great story to tell.




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I Am Awesome. Empowerment. Women. #BeWoW


Everyone go and view this video. This is a must for every woman and every man as well. Every woman needs to hear it and every man needs to learn to say it. Go now! Please.

Originally posted on Dazzling Whimsy:

Join me and several other blogger friends for#BeWoW Bloggers. BeWoW means Be Wonderful on Wednesday and was create by Ronovan at RonovanWrites.

From his page:
Be Positive, Encouraging, Inspiration, and Uplifiting. If you like something positive you read somewhere, or you write something yourself, Tweet it with the hashtag of #BeWoW on Wednesday and we see it and ReTweet it and visit it ourselves to be encouraged. If you don’t like to Tweet, then share the link to that article you have or you found in a comment here so people can find it that might not normally do so.

My entry for today:


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6 Days.

6 Days


Only here on RonovanWrites.


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Get Positive: Sorting Your Junk.


In Preparation for #BeWoW tomorrow I wanted to share the first article that inspired it all.

Originally posted on ronovanwrites:

People comment often wondering how I stay positive, how I keep doing all I do in the face of what I live with. How can I stay positive through the life I have been given?be positive

Practice. I know that sounds a little odd but as with anything in your life practice needs to happen. I didn’t just wake up and say, I’m good. Okay, perhaps I did, but then I had to do something about it. And by ‘I’m good’ I mean I was not letting my health issues control every aspect of my life.

Deciding to change does have an instant affect. Your view of things does change. You actually begin to see MORE of the negative things of the world. But you have to learn what to do about that view. And that’s where the practice comes in.

You will change but those around you may still be…

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