Click to help Megan’s Author page.

I don’t ask things for myself but we have an author in our community that has books coming out before long and sheneeds some people to click LIKE on her author page on facebook. I did it, and I even favorited it with my own page.
Most of you probably know Megan Elizabeth Morales and have enjoyed her work here on her site. Now go to her facebook page Author Megan E. Morales and support her there with a simple click.

I had the opportunity to speak with her and she is a wonderful young lady and if just half her blog followers liked her on facebook that would be a good start.

Much Respect

5 responses to “Click to help Megan’s Author page.

  1. Reblogged it for you. Her book sounds interesting.


  2. Liked and shared! I saw where one of her hopes is that people will dress up as one of her characters at a comic-con some day, that would be pretty cool. My daughter is into anime and I took her and her friend to an anime-con and was just blown away by the kids there, all very intelligent and just wanting to express themselves and feeling comfortable enough to do so without concern of being judged, other than at the best costume contest.


  3. Seems like a very interesting young lady. Liked and shared on FB.


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