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Hotter than fire.

Across the waters

Desire flames hotter than fire

When I kiss your lips.


A little somethin’ for my challenge this week.

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Junked up.

Cast upon the shore

Like a rusty old coke can

My car looks like junk.


A funny one this week, sort of.

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Fearfully Quiet!

I crept quietly

Past the spooky haunted house,

I raced in terror.

My Halloween offering in concordance with the Haiku Challenge.

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Free Books to celebrate Halloween!

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What I’ve been doing.

Thought I would share one of the things keeping me busy of late. Well sort of share.

That link will tell you about an anthology I’m involved in with some bestselling authors. How I got in there, I have no idea. But I wrote a short story for it and it should be out in October.

The link tells you how you can preorder it for only .99. How you can even become an “advance copy review reader”.

That link will take you to the sign up list for hosting an interview with an author, a guest post, or even a book cover reveal. Yes, even something as simple as a Book Cover Reveal/Feature is a help.